Cleaning Schedule

Commercial Cleaning Service Schedule

Office, house cleaning services Chicago & suburbs

Contract schedule example:

OFFICE Cleaning

OFFICE Cleaning: Daily (weekly)

  • Daily (weekly)
  • Empty wastebaskets.
  • Dust all furniture including desks, chairs, tables.
  • Dust all exposed filing cabinets, bookcases and shelves.
  • Dust all telephones.
  • Clean and sanitize drinking fountains.
  • Low dust all horizontal surfaces including sills, ledges, moldings.
  • Dust all shelves, picture frames, dusts, radiators, etc.
  • Spot clean desk tops.
  • Spot clean reception lobby glass including front door and any other partition or door glass.
  • Dustmop resilient and hard floors or vacuum carpeted floors in traffic lanes only.
  • Spot clean spills and stains on carpeted and resilient floors.
  • Spot clean furniture.
  • Monthly (weekly)
  • Clean and sanitize telephones.
  • High dust above hand height all horizontal surfaces, including shelves, moldings, ledges.
  • Clean entire interior glass in partitions and doors.
  • Dust blinds.
  • Remove dust and cobwebs from ceiling area.
  • Damp mop resilient and hard floors or carpeted floors.
  • Vacuum furniture.

WASHROOMS Cleaning: Daily (weekly)

  • Clean, sanitize and polish all vitreous fixtures including toilet bowls, urinals, hand basins.
  • Clean all glass and mirrors.
  • Empty all containers and disposals, insert liners as required, spot clean and sanitize container.
  • Spot clean all walls, doors and partitions.
  • Empty and sanitize interior of sanitary container.
  • Refill all dispensers to normal limits. Supplies to be furnished by client.
  • Low dust all horizontal surfaces below 36″ including sills, moldings, edges,shelves, frames, ducts, heating outlets.
  • Sweep, damp mop, and sanitize hard floor.
  • Monthly (weekly)
  • High dust above hand height all horizontal surfaces including shelves, ledges, moldings.

EATING AREAS: Lunchroom cleaning

  • Daily (weekly)
  • Damp clean and sanitize table tops, seats and back of chairs.
  • Clean, polish and refill napkin holders.
  • Empty all containers and disposals. Spot clean exterior and interior of all containers.
  • Clean and sanitize drinking fountain.
  • Spot clean doors, frames, light switches, kick and push plates, handles, walls, and interior glass.
  • Monthly (weekly)
  • Damp clean pedestal or legs.
  • Low dust (below 36″) and high dust (above 72″) all horizontal surfaces.
  • Clean entire interior glass in partitions and doors.


  • Spot damp mop floors daily.
  • Wax hard surface floors monthly.
  • Shower scrub and refinish hard surface floors quarterly.
  • Notify building contact of any irregularities.
  • Turn off all lights except those to be left on, close windows and lock all doors, report evacuation of building to security organization.
  • Review/check communication log.
  • Monthly customer service visit.
  • Annual formal customer review.